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  • Search and Discovery Through Human Computation
    Handbook of Human Computation 2014
    Lin, A. Y.; Huynh, A.


  • Limitations of Crowdsourcing Using the EMS-1998 Scale in Remote Disaster Sensing
    2014 Aerospace Conference Proceedings 2014
    Huynh, A.; Eguchi, M.; Lin, A. Y.; Eguchi, R.
  • Mobile Analysis of Large Temporal Datasets for Exploration and Discovery.
    2013 DigitalHeritage Conference Proceedings 2013
    Huynh, A.; Lin, A. Y.
  • Visual Analytics of Inherently Noisy Crowdsourced Data on Ultra High Resolution Displays
    2013 Aerospace Conference Proceedings 2013
    Huynh, A.; Ponto, K.; Lin, A. Y.
  • Connecting the Dots: Triadic Clustering of Crowdsourced Data to Map Dirt Roads
    Proceedings of 21st International Conference on Pattern Recognition 2012
    Huynh, A.; Lin, A.


  • Crowdsourcing the Unknown: The Satellite Search for Genghis Khan
    PLOS ONE 2014
    Lin, A.; Huynh, A.; Lanckriet, G.; Barrington, L.


  • Crowdsourcing and Its Application to Cultural Heritage
    Research Exam for University of California, San Diego. 2013
    Huynh, A.


  • Customer-controlled point-of-sale on a mobile device
    US 8751316 B1 2014
    Jason Allen Fletchall; Dillon Campbell Compton; Kristina Lam Thai; Andrew Trung Huynh; Michael Harry Lintz
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