Code Monkey.

the magic behind this site

First off, a fancy badge:

HTML5 Powered with CSS3/Styling, and Semantics

“So how did he do it?” you ask. What sort of magical trickery is this? Well stay a while and listen. I’ll explain the tech and resources behind the site along with various blurbs on why I used each resource.


Those small icons in the upper right where crafted by yours truly. I made them using Adobe Illustrator so they’re nice and vectorized. Here they are for your enjoyment!

The rest of the icons are provided by The Noun Project. The icons are free ( with attribution ), simple, and are nicely provided in the SVG format. Not much more I could ask for honestly.

Here are links to the icons used:


960 Grid

The basic layout of the page is based on the a 12 column grid provided by the 960 grid system.

I like the 960 grid system because it provides a simple to use layout. No more playing around with calculating offsets and widths, it’s all already done for you in the css they provide. Trés bon!

backend support

None! This entire site is statically generated using the wonderful Jekyll


The wonderful jQuery framework is utilized for my javascript needs.

Google Web Fonts provide that sleek Inconsolata font I used for fixed width text for those unlucky few who don’t already have it.